Sunday, June 11, 2006

Recommended Online Experimental Music:
Volume Three (Robots)

Some more online experimental music links for you. This week with a motorized theme.


Artist: Scrawn


"...pieces for motorised piano, constructing small powered objects which can strum, stroke and tap the open strings of an upright piano. These include 2V motors, fans and electric bell hammers."


Artist: league of electronic musical urban robots

Home of the the following amazing creations:



"In designing GuitarBot, our goal was to create an electrified slide guitar that was versatile, responsive, capable of fast and slow playing, easy to control, with high-quality sound, modular and portable. We also wanted to extend, not simply duplicate, the capabilities of a human guitarist."

Watch this awesome video of it in action.

Also home to the Tibetbot and the !rbot.


Artist: Ensemble Robot


Home of the Bott(i)Cello "...a tree-shaped electric string robot that uses fans to pluck strings of changing lengths. It has three arms, each holding a electric guitar string on one end. The arms curl in and out like the petals of a flower, and as they move they change the pitch of the guitar string. It was designed by Christine Southworth, Yu-Cheng Hsu, and Jeff Lieberman, and built in 2005-06 by Ensemble Robot."



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