Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gnostic Rocket on CITR 101.9FM Vancouver


This Thursday, August 10th, the Exquisite Corpse radio show on 101.9 CITR FM in Vancouver will be playing an hour long mix of tracks from the Umbrella Noize Collective, mixed by ctephin, featuring a Gnostic Rocket track from my free online release A Eulogy for History.

Listen in this Thursday evening between 7:30-8:30pm PST, that's 10:30pm - 11:30pm for those of us in Toronto:

Listen to CITR FM live online

Watch for the Gnostic Rocket/ctephin split release "Heliades", coming soon on Roilnoise. The music has been delivered (I've heard the ctephin track, it's great), and my brother is working the cover art. This is in a cassette only release, with a fifteen minute side for each band.

Here's the set list for the show tomorrow, you can check out all of this music at The Umbrella Noize Collective

radio show set-list

1.Mystified(Canada) - Nocturne Dub
2.Spagirus(USA) - The Dryad
3.MALEBOLGE(USA) - At The Gates of Dis
4.Gray Field Recordings(USA) - Our Lead
5.Jake Vida(Canada) - Monday Morning #8
6.KRLL(USA) - Tommorrow May Never Come
7.Big City Orchestra(USA) - Gypsy Pinecone
8.Mystified(Canada) - Beer Can Chop and Drop
9.Gnostic Rocket(Canada) - Mr. Brown,Please Dont Leave
10.Ctephin(USA) - Amber Ichor
11.Gone(Canada) - Twin Engines
12.ctephin(USA) - Central Front
13.nearField(Canada) - Tango
14.Ghoul Detail(U.K.) - One Dead Whore After Another
15.Jason Macri(Canada) - High Sensory
16.Big City Orchestra(USA) - Dairy Airre


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