Sunday, April 09, 2006

New Track: Satin


Here is a brand new piece called Satin, inspired by a conversation I had yesterday with a guy in Columbus, Ohio about an upcoming lo-rez music compilation, which I am going to submit a track to.



This song is comprised of the following three tracks:

1 - I sampled a bunch of short, percussive sounds from my circuit bent Speak 'n Math by fastmatt into my boss sp303 sampler. I also programmed a sequence into my Nanoloop (on a gameboy pocket). Using my Korg Electribe Emx, I sequenced the speak n math sounds and synced up the nanoloop sequences and recorded a stereo take, tweaking and muting/unmuting the parts on the fly. The parts were channeled through the Springboard Dub, .


2 - I played my Little Tikes toy xylophone into my Audio Technica ATM41HE mic and through the Springboard Dub.


3 - I recorded a track with my circuit bent radio shack elephant keyboard by jamforthelamb, also channeled through the Springboard Dub.



At 8:39 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome! Very nicely crafted layers of circuit bent madness. Keep up the great work! fastmatt (bender of the speak & math)


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